Thursday, August 04, 2016

Germans Trust Organised Labour as Much as They Trust Entrepreneurs

According to Gallup, as of 2016, small business is one of the most trusted U.S. institutions after the military and before banks, organised labour, newspapers and big business.
Over 70% of respondents stated they trusted the military, followed by just under 70% for small business. Less than 30% trust banks, around 25% trust organised labour, around 20% trust newspapers and less than 20% trust big business.
And here are the numbers for Germany, according to Forsa: military 60%, entrepreneurs (the closest I came to small business) 44%, organised labour 46%, press 35%, banks 23%, big business 16%. Similar trend which goes to show that opinions in the West converge.

One notable exception is that Germans trust organised labour as much as entrepreneurs. In the USA, the share of people trusting small business is more than double as big as of those who trust in organised labour.
Personally, the biggest surprise is the Germans' trust in the military. That's a big change. Most of my friends are conscientious objectors, including myself and I had guys in my local brass band who refused to play at a military barrack concert commemorating the end of WWII. AS a child of the 1970s, I guess that makes me just another ageing nostalgic socialist.


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