Monday, March 07, 2016

Europe Has Lost Its Soul

In all likelihood, the EU will decide to shut down the Balkan route, effectively stopping migrants from entering Europe. With this move, Europe relinquishes its founding principles, any moral standing and betrays the spirit of Robert Schuman.
Over 500 million people live inside the EU borders generating a combined GDP of more than $18 trillion. This is more than the GDP of the United States. And yet, the leaders of the EU member states will push the responsibility of caring for stranded refugees back to Turkey, which is not part of the EU. This a country with an increasingly authoritarian government that has repeatedly ignored human rights and the freedom of press. With a population of about 75 million and a GDP of around $800 million, Turkey will receive 3 billion euros. To quote the Hitchhiker’s Guide, this is the EU paying to make the refugee problem an SEP, somebody else’s problem.

Meanwhile, a Catholic priest of Angolan descend has thrown in the towel in Bavaria. After months of harassment and online threats to his life, he asked his bishop to find a different parish for him. His crime? Speak up for refugees and speak out against racist Bavarian politicians. This is close to Munich, a city that half a year ago made it into the world news by welcoming refugees with open arms.
Courtesy of the BBC: Seven Charts Explaining the Migrant Crisis


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