Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Hysteria about the Christian Vote

It’s the same at every election. The internet and the news are flooded with commentaries on the Christian vote. Usually Christians end up looking really stupid, much of it their own fault.
The faith of a political candidate is irrelevant. Practical reasons aside, because there aren’t enough believing candidates around in a presidential election, the president’s faith won’t save the nation. It won’t fix the deficit and it won’t secure a single job. A leader’s morality is another thing — and here is the kicker: you can be a highly moral person without believing in anything. Faith may help but faith in itself doesn’t make you a moral person.
And even the best possible combination from a Christian perspective, ie a moral ruler of faith won’t always be right. For that, look no further than adulterous, murderous king David or his son Solomon. Their morals were less than stellar during the later stages of their rules.
What counts in politics is the impact leaders have on their people’s lives, not their faith. What also counts is the political engagement of the people to be ruled. The beauty of a democracy is that we have a say — if we so choose. Unless the electorate gets involved, educates itself and lives out the moral standards their looking for in a leader, anyone with a knack for demagogy can promise the pie in the sky and people will fall for them.


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